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Siddhi Lakshmi

Siddhi Lakshmi


Siddhi Lakshmi, the accomplished auspicious one.

This unusual goddess is the patron deity of the Malla Kings of the Kathmandu Valley and their descendents (13th to the 18th century). Associated with Guheshwari Devi (Guhyakali or the secret Kali), she is portrayed upon Aakash Bhairava. The Aakash Bhairava supports Siddhi Lakshmi upon his hands. The feet of Devi doesn’t touch the ground. The Aakash Bhairava also doesn’t touch the ground and is seated upon a Bhimkaya Bhairava or Vajra Bhairava.

The Newar community of Kathmandu follows two dominant Tantra Kulas. They are Kali Kula and Shree Kula. The Bhairavas, Guhyakali, various tamasic Matrikas fall under Kula while the Kumari worship, Taleju Bhawani worship, and Siddhi Lakshmi worship fall under Shree Kula.

As per “Kaula Siddha” dharma, Mahalakshmi, Sri Vidhya, and Siddhi Lakshmi are essentially three stages of the same goddess Yogmaya in Lakshmi form. The first stage is Lakshmi, the second stage is Sri Vidhya and the ultimate stage is Siddhi Lakshmi.

The last vital essence of “Siddhi Lakshmi” is to attain Siddhatwa. Through the worship and perfection of Siddhi Lakshmi, the worshipper attains the state of Siddhatwa, the highest virtue of any Siddhi.

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