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Kali - Downloadable

Kali - Downloadable

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Kali is perhaps the most mysterious and difficult to understand Goddesses of India. She is dark, destructive, terrible in form, and unpredictable. She is allied with the forces of death and appears alien to any of our ordinary aesthetic preferences. She is not a beautiful madonna, nor enticing Goddess, but an enigma, a threat, perhaps even a curse. Yet for this same reason Kali has a fascination which more consoling and pleasing forms cannot have. It is not enough merely to adore the sublime; we must first cross over the terrible. This is the allure of Kali.

-Excerpt from the book “Tantric Yoga and the Wisdom Goddesses” by Dr. David Frawle

  • Dimensions

    1543 × 2183 px -

    Can be printed upto A3 size without distortion.

  • License

    Buyer does not have the permission to resell this file or share this file or use this artwork as his/her own, without consent. Non-compliance of this shall lead to legal consequences.

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