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Ardhanarishwara dance

Ardhanarishwara dance


This print is available in A3 size. Framing is not included in the pricing. No international shipment of physical copies. Please purchase downloadable files.



He can deftly wriggle and scrouch
And comply with Her dynamic rules.
He can snugly pause or renew
To fit into Her vibrant hues.
Cast Him into any fluid shape
She’d like him to heed to.
Her engaging game it is
He’s only sincerely playing to.

An old poem again with this beautiful keerthanam, “Ardhanarishwara”, composed in the Kumudakriya ragam. It seems Muthuswami Dikshithar selected this specific ragam because the “Kumuda” flower, an aquatic blossom resembling a lotus, possesses both male and female organs, reflecting the symbolism of Ardhanarishwara. Talk about brilliance!?

“Ardhanarishwaram Araadhayaami Sathatham.
Atri Bhrighu Vasishtaadhi Muni Vrinda Vanditam”

“I always worship (“satatam”) Ardha Narishvara (“araadhyami”), who was saluted (“vanditam”) by the group of saints (“vrinda”), namely Atri, Bhrugu and Vasishtha.”


    Digital painting printed on a textured paper with matte finish.


    The customer is entitled for a full refund in the following circumstances:

    • he/she is not satisfied with the quality of order
    • the product is damaged during transit

    In the above scenarios, the customer must return the product to the seller. The customer may also cancel an order before it is shipped and avail a full refund.


    These are prints of digital paintings and upon order, only prints are shipped. Framing services are not undertaken by Layasthana.Shipping anywhere within India is free of cost and will be delivered 3-5 days from the time of placing an order. No international shipment of physical copies. Please purchase downloadable files.

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