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Amriteshwara Bhairava

Amriteshwara Bhairava


Within the extensive Tantric tradition, the knowledge of the Third Eye is entrusted to the Lord of Nectar—Amṛteśvara Bhairava. The principal text elucidating this wisdom is the Netra Tantra, derived from the Swachanda Tantra.

In Kashmiri Śaivism, the very essence of the Amṛteśwara Bhairava cult is encapsulated in the word “Amṛta,” meaning nectar.

There is a profound symbolism of the sixteen letters, in the vowels of Sanskrit, that form the essence of Amṛteśwara. The sixteenth being:

Sarva-Amṛtadhara - Who Sprinkles Nectar Everywhere – अः

This describes Amriteshwara as the one who showers the entire creation with the universal stream of nectar, symbolizing divine blessings and eternal bliss for all beings.

-Excerpts from an unpublished book by Dr. R Ramanand.

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